Kenya & Tanzania

Baisikeli Maridadi

16 Day Cycle Tour

Travel at the pace of Africa on this 16 day camping & cycling tour; experience the people, culture, wildlife and landscapes of this amazing continent.

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam
16 Days
560 km
Adventurous biking tour

Baisikeli Maridadi is a 16 day camping cycle tour from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam (or reverse journey) using remote back roads and visiting local families and villages along the way. Our route varies from the chaos of Nairobi city to the sudden sparseness of open savannah with wildlife grazing the plains. We pass beneath the imposing Mt Kilimanjaro, visit Amboseli National Park in Kenya, the Ngorongoro Crater the cool mountain rain forested Usambara Mountains and ultimately the tropical Indian Ocean coast.

Biking far from the tourist routes you will experience Africa at face level – you’ll view wildlife from the saddle of your bike, meet Maasai tribesmen and camp in the wilderness under a cloudless African sky.

Some people choose to extend their trip and follow with a trek of Mt Kilimanjaro or experience the culture and buzz of Zanzibar Island; either of which – we can point you in the right direction.

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Jenny and PeterJenny & Peter Talbot, Australia
Kenya & Tanzania-2015

"Hi Mandy, The trip was amazing!! Everything about it was brilliant.  Tom, Maddy and Joseph were all incredible and lots of fun.we had a great group..lots of interesting personalities, all managed beautifully by the team.  Maddy's cooking was amazing, we are heading to her website for recipes.  Thanks again for organising such an incredible experience."

SusanneSusanne Bramson, UK
Kenya & Tanzania-2015

"The trip was absolutely brilliant - and completely made up for my rather dismal time in Kyrgyzstan (not with you) last year.  The only difficult bit for me was the cycling through some awkward sandy puddles, but luckily it wasn't too long a stretch and I sort of got the hang of it when it cropped up again. The bit with red powder dust up to the ankles with hidden stones was also tough and hard work, but as it was towards the end we were resigned to the skin tone! (I had to scrape my feet before my first shower when I got home!).  I loved the road cycling sections esp. the undulating bits - mountain days, and the last morning was a great finish.

We were very lucky with the weather and amount of wildlife we saw. My best bit was the giraffes we met on the road. I held back with Maddy to enjoy a quiet moment alone - they just stand and stare back!  Our group all got on very well and we did have a laugh.  And last but definitely not least, the food was extremely good. It was nice to have nutritious meals and snacks, and Tom and Maddy were excellent leaders and cycle companions. They were always eager to help and check bikes, find out things for us, and the evening projections for the next day's cycle were the most informative I've had on any trips. This (I feel) is important - if it's going to be a difficult cycle, I'd rather know so as to be prepared."

Kirsty and NeilKirsty & Neil Povey, Australia
Kenya & Tanzania-2015

"Firstly I wanted to reiterate many of Kirsty’s sentiments (Excellent- unforgettable and challenging. Delighted we did it).  We really had a wonderful time on our recent adventure in Africa. Your trip promised to give us many and varied experiences of “real Africa” and to that end your trip delivered in spade loads. I thought Tom and Maddy were exceptional young people in so many ways. They complimented one another’s skill sets in an ideal way - Maddy’s meals were just divine (The whole group thought so) Tom’s mechanical skills were thoroughly put to the test - particularly the day up the Usambara mountains (to the Monastery) where two separate collisions rendered two bikes almost totally unserviceable - Tom laboured for hours at the Zebra camp ground stripping and repairing and cobbling together serviceable bikes - twas a very impressive display as we ate our fill! We felt very secure in our leaders - Joseph too.

We have had many many wonderful memories from the trip and it was quite unlike any other holiday we have had - all strength to you and John and your fearless leaders like Tom and Maddy. We are telling anyone and everyone of our adventure and of your company".

Brian and PaddyBrian & Paddy Stafford-Bush, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2015 / Sichuan & Tibet-2014

"A great trip and wonderful experience. Once again well chosen leaders for the task, Tom and Maddy (like Brian and Clare) are so well organised and professional but it is their enthusiasm and dedication to the task at hand that really makes these trips so memorable. You have a great team."  Regards, Brian and Paddy.

Dave ChambersDave Chambers, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2015

"Maddy is a very capable cook and organiser.  She and Tom are a good and comfortable team . Our balanced vegetarian diet was very good and the meals a feature every day.  Also meals at local restaurants were much enjoyed - local and African. Joseph our guide and driver was also our father, always smiling, always knew the answers and excellent at driving carefully on average to atrocious roads.  For me to see the scene early morning on the beach at Bagamoyo, of traditional fishing techniques and boat building - dugout and sewn dowh - crafted right on the beach fantastic. Also observing from a height the Maasai herdsmen returning to their villages at sundown, these were two of many highlights for me.  Thank you very much for a varied and balanced tour."

Chris and Mel

Chris Paola & Melissa Reekie, Australia
Kenya & Tanzania-2014

"Prior to meeting John, we had never considered a cycling trip for a holiday. From the moment we booked until the last day of cycling, we had the most personable and enjoyable experience. The camping, the scenery, the animals, the people and the riding all contribute to memories that will last a life time. We can not recommend Escape Adventures highly enough and we've already got our eye on at least one of their other trips. 11 out of 10!"

Kathy and LaurieKathy van Beek & Laurie Bourke, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2014

"Best holiday we have ever had, so different, getting off the beaten track. The people along the way were amazingly friendly and welcoming.  Many thanks for the wonderful experience. We will never forget it."

Roman Holderbach

Roman Holderbach, Germany
Kenya & Tanzania-2014

"I would go again without hesitation. A perfectly organized tour with enough space for individual changes. Well done Escape!"


Stephen FinchStephen Finch, New Zealand
Kyrgyzstan-2015 / Kenya & Tanzania-2014

What advice would you give to anyone considering doing the trip that you did?
"They will hear a lot of preconceived myths about visiting Africa. I.e. the lions will get you; Isn’t that a dangerous place to visit? etc... However the truth is it’s a pretty safe place to visit, the tour is well organized and it’s so different from how most of us live our life that if you have any curiosity about other cultures, it’s a must do trip.  I’ve done other cycle trips that we stayed in hotels and ended the day in luxury when compared to the African trip. These trips have claimed to get you beside the local people and culture - but the reality is that you don’t really and you often feel you have missed out after them. This trip was the complete opposite, you do really get a sense of how these lovely people live and you certainly get to see it all unravel before your eyes."

Julie HamiltonJulie Hamilton, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2014

"Hi Mandy.  We have had a most amazing time here in East Africa and cant believe it is all over already. My what we have seen, smelled and experienced.....the trip of a life time for us four and we know Stephen and Roman feel the same.  Thanks to yourself and John for an amazing opportunity.  Thanks Baz, Gemma and Joseph - an awesome trip. Who would believe homemade gourmet meals could come out of the back of a truck in the middle of now where day after day, and who would have thought we would be biking right beside gazelle and zebra - oh! and giraffe. Thanks for all your knowledge you shared. We loved every minute of the trip.....even the bull dust now that we are back in civilization"  Neil and Julie

Liz & Alan Yager, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2014

"We had an amazing trip. Gemma, Baz and Joseph make an awesome team and nothing is a problem. With Gemma's food I thought I might even come home heavier then I went away!!
At times it almost felt surreal cycling across the plains, seeing giraffe and zebra grazing. This was our bucket list trip and more then exceeded our expectations. A must do for anyone."

Karen Hall

Karen Hall, Australia
Kenya & Tanzania-2014

"Full trip of Kiwi's and Aussie's had the time of our lives with Escape Adventures when we joined their cycle trip from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam in June/July 2014. Baz and Gemma work their butts off to provide a trip of a lifetime, with so many special experiences along the way. If you love off-road cycling, you MUST see East Africa this way."

Nichola Wood

Nichola Wood, Australia
Sichuan & Tibet-2015 / Kenya & Tanzania-2013

"Hi Mandy,  Have not enough superlatives to describe our trip!
Arrived home yesterday and have been at work all day . Jetlag catching up with me tonight.  Baz, Gemma and Joseph were fantastic. The whole experience was amazing!  Many many thanks."  Nic

Mark and Sue

Mark & Sue Conlan, Australia
Sichuan & Tibet- 2015 / Kenya & Tanzania-2013

"Your Baisikeli Maridadi - Tanzania & Kenya bike tour far exceeded our expectations. It was a wonderful enlightening cultural experience. Just an amazing holiday.  We have been thinking of words like ethical, epic, cultural, sustainable, grassroots, amazing, surprising, healthy, relaxing, revitalising, restful, refreshing and there may be a few other to describe our holiday but have decided words alone cannot adequately describe our Baisikeli Maridadi - Tanzania & Kenya Bike Tour. You simply just have to take the tour.

We will remember this holiday for a long time and will encourage anyone who is prepared to listen to book a spot on one of your future Baisikeli Maridadi - Tanzania & Kenya Bike Tours.  We know you now have at least 8 (but I suspect there are many more) very satisfied clients.  We must now draw breath after this very enjoyable and relaxing holiday to East Africa before planning our next adventure holiday. It may just be one of your adventure tours to another interesting part of our planet."

Jan PeryerJan & Bill Peryer, New Zealand
Sichuan & Tibet-2015 / Kenya & Tanzania-2013

"WOW did we have any amazing time – so much to tell and show people but all I can say is that your tour was brilliant. The rest of the bike group were neat people and we are already planning to do a trip to Perth to do a ride with Ed & Nichola, Sue & Mark.

The blue truck/bus is just a blast – being so self-contained for us to eat and drink from was truly perfect. We all agreed that having the drinking water available was superb – it just tasted like our own drinking water here at home. Baz, Gemma and Joseph were just superb – they work so well together and everything Gemma cooked was scrummy. Quite unbelievable really considering the restricted amenities etc. I will of course next week, place fabulous feedback on your web-page & trip adviser – there was nothing we didn’t like about your tour … So I congratulate you both on what must be extremely difficult logistics planning to get these rides sorted and finalised in these amazing countries."

Alison Murray

Alison Murray, New Zealand
Fiji Islands-2014 / Kenya & Tanzania-2013

"It's about time that I wrote to just say a "big thankyou" for our adventure with you guys through Kenya and Tanzania. It was the most amazing trip and one that I would highly recommend to other people. It was a bit challenging at times (by that I mean the cycling !!) awe-inspiring and life-changing.  Truly amazing. John, Baz and Gemma were awesome. The food was delicious and nourishing. The bikes were great as well even though we all suffered sore butt syndrome one way or another!!
Anyway thanks so much for an amazing trip."

Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2013

"Paul and I arrived home yesterday afternoon and we both agreed it was an amazing holiday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Big raps to Gemma, Baz and Joseph - they were outstanding throughout and all worked like trojans to make sure all went smoothly and that we were well looked after.  The trip went like clockwork which is no mean feat in Africa and it was down to their hardwork and dedication that we all had such an extraordinary time. The itinerary was great... every day offered something new and exciting and getting to places like Solomans rock, Amboseli National Park and the Usambara Mountains were definite highlights... I will definitely be recommending this trip to anyone who cares to listen and cannot really fault any part of it. Thanks again to you and all the team at Escape Adventures for making the last 3 weeks some of the most rewarding and enjoying of my life!!

Paul GoobyPaul Gooby, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2013

"I absolutely loved the trip and will be recommending it to everyone that i speak to. It is a very special experience and I believe that I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity of undertaking it. In particular solomans camp is in my opinion an iconic spot that rivals such places as santorini. I would also like to say that Baz, Gemma and Joseph were outstanding. They made a special trip perfect with their attitude, personalities and hard work. You are very fortunate to have the three of them working for you. Gemma was great in helping me with my diet which was very much appreciated.  Many thanks for a great trip."

Bridget Robinson

Bridget Robinson, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2013

"I have to say this trip has been an amazing one in so many ways for me. From start to finish the trip has been physically challenging, visually stimulating, unique and life changing experience. One I won't forget!  The uniqueness of Escape Adventures trip gave us the opportunity to experience some of the 'off the beaten track' places which has allowed me to leave East Africa with a better understanding of the Kenyian and Tanzaian people and their cultures.  Take care everybody and I hope that Baz, Gemma and Joseph are having fun with the next group.  Bridget"

Jan Pritchard

Janice & Jay Pritchard, Canada
Cambodia-2013 / Laos-2011 / Chile & Argentina-2010 / Sichuan & Tibet-2008 / Uganda & Rwanda-2005 / Kenya & Tanzania-2003

"My husband and myself are planning our 6th trip with Escape Adventures this fall. After our first bike trip ever in Kenya a dozen years ago we learned that this is the way we want to travel. Not only do you come home in better shape than when you left but you will have actively engaged with the culture and people of a new land. Instead of passing by in a bus you may play an impromptu game of Simon Says with several hundred elementary students who have run out to cheer you on in Kenya, or you may try your hand at threshing rice in China, or meet an elderly widow in Laos who desperately wants to have you stay and visit. Then again an ostrich may wander through your picnic spot in Africa, followed by several giraffes. The trips are not regimented, events unfold differently every day as you have the opportunity to stop and interact with people you meet, there is no schedule that must be met. And if a day isn’t unfolding as it should there is always the option of catching a ride with the driver and enjoying the scenery for a while. Another important part of Escape’s trips is that they make sure that you stay in locally owned hotels and eat at locally owned restaurants, in this way the local people benefit from our tourism. I can’t imagine any other way to see the world than from a bike , exploring with Escape Adventures."

Mark KelleyMark Kelley, Australia
Kyrgyzstan-2014 / NZ Heaphy Experience-2011 / Chile & Argentina-2010 / Kenya & Tanzania-2006 / Kenya & Tanzania-2003

"I regard my Escape Adventures trip to Africa as the trip of a lifetime.  I grew up seeing images of Africa and African wildlife.  Day one of our ride out of Nairobi we crested a hill and encountered hundreds of zebra and wildebeest grazing on the plain below.  To ride through the herd within 50 metres of animals I had only seen on TV was a surreal experience.  The opportunity to speak with the Masai people and hear stories about their land and their lives was a true privilege that few people can share."

Jude AnkerJude & Tony Anker, New Zealand
Kyrgyzstan-2015 / Sichuan & Tibet-2013 / Kenya & Tanzania-2012

"Hi John and Mandy. We’ve just returned from Africa and wanted to let you know what an incredible journey it was for us. Every day had different scenery and terrain that we wouldn’t have thought possible. You managed to find every cool place and sneaky route that only locals would know about. Mamma T, Timbo and Joseph provided a wonderful atmosphere for us to explore and enjoy every day. So in short an incredible holiday and looking to our next adventure."

Des McCarronDes McCarron, UK
Sichuan & Tibet-2013 / Kenya & Tanzania-2012

"Hi Mandy and John. For me the range of experience and type of cycling routes exceeded my expectations and I know it must have taken a lot on planning, research and background knowledge. The routes were obviously designed to give cyclists the best experiences possible and this could only have been done by those with a deep interest and love of cycling."

Richard LeesRichard, Johan & Sven Lees, Australia
Sichuan & Tibet-2015 / Kenya & Tanzania-2012

"John and Mandy, thank you very much for hosting this fabulous adventure holiday. We had high expectations, but they were greatly exceeded. The route you have selected is particularly exciting with new surprises and experiences every day. A trip of a lifetime. An especially special trip to bond a family."

Diane DavidsonDiane Davidson, Australia
Kenya & Tanzania-2012

"A privilege to visit the Africian continent with vast stretches of wilderness and a honour to be welcomed warmly into a foreign culture, truely equating to a magical experience one can only live to believe it happened.

I am very grateful to yourself and John and your three exceptional staff in Africa for enabling to make this adventure a reality. One comes away with an African beat implanted in your soul.  I will be in touch before to long as I have two children very keen to accompany mum next time around! Warm regards Diane."

Ali AmbridgeAlison Ambridge, UK
Kenya & Tanzania-2012

"What an unbelievable holiday! Exceeded all expectations and would not have been the same without the trio of heroes: Tim, Mamma T and JDog: We miss you guys already.  We miss Africa too…Thanks for everything guys….including John and Mandy who have worked out every detail to make it the hardest core, least boring holiday it is possible to have. xxx"

Sarah FrancisSarah & Vic Francis, UK
Sichuan & Tibet-2013 / Kenya & Tanzania-2011

"We cannot thank you enough for this superb opportunity to enjoy such an experience…Vic’s already shopping for his mountain bike, Sarah’s been spurred on to achieve improved fitness and health and Vic cannot stop referring everything to Africa. We also have some great African goods to educate our school kids with. Nearly one month on and we are still excited and inspired!!

Forgot to mention the uniqueness of the trip, which has obviously been built up with years of contact and local knowledge. We really loved meeting the locals.  Theresa and Tim worked tirelessly to give us the holiday of a lifetime. They were both helpful, friendly, caring, humorous and knowledgeable guides. They were both very calm during our emergency situation and we would trust them to deal with any problems encountered. I found the biking challenging and Tim even fitted my bike with a lower gear; at all times I received encouragement and coaching from both the guides and my team mates. We all felt part of a good team due to their leadership skills."

Wendy WatsonWendy Watson, New Zealand
Sichuan & Tibet-2012 / Kenya & Tanzania-2011

If you want a challenge and a real life experience an Escape Bike Adventure in Africa is amazing. Some of my many highlights were biking past zebras and giraffes and sitting round a fire with new friends. I enjoyed Africa so much I went on the China Tibet tour where the challenge was biking mountain passes and coping with altitude. The people we met, places we stayed at, food we ate was authentic Chinese which was a surreal experience.

Alice MellandAlice Melland, Ireland
Kenya & Tanzania-2011

"In short, the trip exceeded my expectations in every way. It really did. Theresa, Tim and Joseph were just fabulous, the ratio of riding to rest days was great, the rides were super-challenging but manageable which gave me a great sense of achievement, and cycling was indeed a wonderful way to see the landscape and way of life and interact with locals (thanks obviously to the relationships that have been developed and maintained). Plunger coffee, fabulous food and special birthday treatment?? Who’d have thought. So thanks very much."

Bill DayBill Day, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2011

"The Mountain biking trip was outstanding. It was certainly a “trip of a lifetime” and I was constantly saying to myself what an utter privilege it was to experience this. I have some glimmering of understanding of how much effort has gone into finding and selecting the routes and camping places. There is no way that we would have seen the sights we did without all the great work you did. I thought the route selection was amazing. The balance of riding days with rest/game touring days was perfect. You should be very proud of what you have created.

I need to make some specific comments about Tim and Theresa. We were probably not an easy or compliant group but those two were not remotely concerned and simply focused upon giving us the trip that we wanted ….and giving it to the highest possible standard. I can’t praise them enough. They were amazing…incredibly hardworking, perfect and considerate hosts, totally focused on giving us the best experience possible, flexible enough to meet any of our requests, always upbeat and pleasant……I could go on forever. Tim is highly skilled in the riding and servicing of the bikes. (The bikes were excellent by the way) He was very willing to share his knowledge and skills. You could not possibly get better people than these two. Joseph was also great…..working in with Tim and Theresa and always good with your guests."

Owen BrownOwen Brown, Australia
Kenya & Tanzania-2011

"Hello Mandy & John. Thanks for your efforts in organizing before going – Mandy your encouragement was very special. Then John, what can one say? Watch that glint in the eye carefully. I enjoyed my time in Africa very much…  a great eye/mind opener with similarities to central Australia but with vast differences. The more I share with others about my experience the more I realize how much into my being I have taken the time, places and people seen, and mostly those I shared the time with. Thanks again Owen."

Bruce ThomasBruce & Mary Thomas, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2011

"Mary and I had an absolutely fantastic trip through Kenya and Tanzania with Escape Adventures. Every day was a new experience and few of them were too extreme. It was very humbling to see how happy the people were particularly the kids when they had so little. It really makes you appreciate what we have got back in NZ. It is really hard to describe to people how great the adventure was as it is hard to compare to what most people experience when they go overseas."

Ernie & Anita WinchErnie & Anita Winch, Canada
Kenya & Tanzania-2011

"The only way to fully understand how incredible our experience would be to try it yourself. Sixteen days that will always be remembered. An amazing trip that has set the bar high for adventures to come. In a league all it’s own. Have made some fantastic new friends from NZ, Australia and Belgium who we will be seeing again down the road."

Miranda BeuzenbergMiranda Beuzenberg, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2010

"Absolutely every single day was a highlight because everything (terrain, sights and people) was so varied and interesting. I loved the huge variety, even the really hard days of sand-riding and corrugated tracks. If I really have to identify a highlight I guess it would be the day riding the walking tracks through the Masaii villages from Robert’s camp to the rock at Moses’ camp. My all-time favourite camp was the River Camp, with the showers, bush babies, crocodiles, trees, lake…Beautiful in every way. And Amboseli is treasured in my memories because of the excitement of the animals all around us, the fire, the close tent circle to add excitement and plentiful water to wash clothes. However I absolutely loved the variety of each camping site, and actually preferred the tenting sites to the upgrade sites due to your brilliant mattresses. They were awesome. Erin and Tim were AMAZING. Full of energy, caring, considerate, thoughtful, positive, cheerful, and didn’t stop working from first light til bedtime. OMG fabulous! Joseph was very gentle, helpful, patient. Worked very very well with Erin and Tim so the three made a great team."

Brenda BartlettBrenda Bartlett, New Zealand
Kenya & Tanzania-2010

"Well done Escape Adventures, this trip is truly amazing. Tim and Erin were perfect, in fact they were that perfect that I would employ them. The dynamics of the couple were amazing. They were always happy, motivated and professional. They bought out the best in every situation. We all felt extremely lucky to have such great tour guides, in fact they would have to be a major highlight of our Africa holiday. Joseph was fantastic and a real asset to your team, nothing was too much trouble for him, and he was a real pleasure to be around."

Mark EnsMark Ens, Canada
Kenya & Tanzania-2009

"I can’t think of big enough words to describe how amazing this trip was. I’ve never ridden “off-road” and I’ve never tented, but If it’s all like this I’ll do it again!"

Monk MannMonk & Rosie Mann, USA
Kenya & Tanzania-2009

"Mandy & John, From both Rosie and I, a special thank you!! The bike trip was outstanding and a very special thank you to Dave for all he did to get Rosie to the finish line! What a fabulous group we had on this trip. Everyone got along and it was fun for us to experience the new language we learned from the brits and newzealanders!!!

I do have a comment about the trip – I would make no changes!! I was amazed at each days route and how John was able to find the back roads and campsites along the way. Camping is what makes this trip so special. The food was the best – Tarn is a super cook and quite a character!!!  Again from both of us…THANK YOU!!!! Also, a special thank you to Dave, Tarn, and Joseph."

Caroline DeneeCaroline Denee, New Zealand
Sichuan & Tibet-2010 / Kenya & Tanzania-2009

"This tour has it all. Stunning scenery from Mt Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean and everything in between. The dry bush, the lush forest of the Usambara Mountains, the colourful Maasai people, the wildlife, the game parks and the local people we met along the way – always willing to smile, to laugh and to make us feel welcome in their country. So much variety packed into one trip, the most amazing experience you can have on a bike."

Alex ThomsonAlex Thomson, Canada
Cambodia-2014 / Sichuan & Tibet-2011 / Tanzania-2008 

"Dear John & Mandy, Ruth & I have just returned home, having had a trip of a lifetime in Tanzania with Escape Adventures. Our full group gelled very well and thoroughly enjoyed Dave, Elysia, Joseph, and support vehicle: Sabrina. The trip provided Ruth & I a wonderful insight to the people, the land, and the wildlife of this beautiful country. Your company was extremely well represented by your team. I loved them all. We can’t begin to express how pleased we were with everything. This note gives a big hug to our team and a warm thanks to you for your excellent choice in staff and adventure sites. Sincerely, Alex."

Sarah FloydSarah & Scott Floyd, USA
Sichuan & Tibet-2011 / Tanzania-2008

"We had a fantastic trip with Escape – what a wonderful way to see Africa. Thank you so much. You have a fantastic company – your customer service is just amazing."

Wendy BenoitWendy Benoit, Canada
Sichuan & Tibet-2009 / Kenya & Tanzania-2007

"Hi there Mandy! Just wanted to say WOW, you folks have truly left no stone, or more correctly, no wheel unturned. From my first contact with you via pretrip e-mails, right down to when the group parted ways and rode off into the ‘sunset’; all was great!"

Clare CookClare Cook, UK
Kenya & Tanzania-2007

"A spiritual experience that has left a profound impact on me. Every stage was a privilege and we kept saying at the end of every day: “it doesn’t matter what happens from now on cos we’ve had our money’s worth”. More than everything the trip offers a unique way to not only see but experience Africa and it’s wonderful people."

Jane Thurnell-Read, UK
Kenya & Tanzania-2007

"Brilliant! I have done supported tours in USA, Cuba, Brazil and Europe and this is the gold standard in terms of support, food, attention to detail, professionalism, friendliness etc. etc. I cannot recommend this company too highly. Go have fun!"

Brian AndersonBrian Anderson & Barbara Robertson, Cananda
Chile & Argentina-2010 / Sichuan & Tibet-2008 / Kenya & Tanzania-2006 

"I am a cynic and rarely impressed by business, and when I am it's usually small business. Escape Adventures stands at the head of my tiny class of business excellence in value-for-money, for personal service, for ethics, for walking the walk. My wife and I have done three tours with "Escape" and their high standards never changed. If you really do want something different, away from the over-groomed touring routes of the world, away from the 5-star grooming of hotels and spas....try any one of the escape adventures. You'll find unforgettable geography, some of it exotic, some of it pastoral; you'll also make very memorable contact with the local culture in their food, their families, their homes, their way of life.
This honour and respect for the culture is, we feel, a unique value-added of Escape Adventures. But not the only one. Because the owners of the company are with you, or if not, are intimately connected with your tour. They seem able, and very willing, to make impromptu changes to the touring program to take advantage of sights and situations you'll find which may not be highlighted in the brochures. Bike touring as it should be."

Jim Eyden & Karen Nicholls, Canada
Kenya & Tanzania-2006

"We had a fantastic holiday with Escape Adventures and it was everything we had hoped for and more. We saw most of the wild animals Africa is famous for and in their natural habitat as we biked across the plains and mountains of Kenya and Tanzania. It is truly a thrill to be biking along and have a view of a herd of giraffe,zebra or gazelle pass in front of you. The views of the landscapes in the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro and Usambara Mountains were breathtaking. Escape Adventure staff were very knowledgeable and offered unique insights into the cultural differences of the regions as well as interesting facts about the unique vegetation, farming practices and lifestyles. We particularly enjoyed visiting a small pre-school and conversing with local Masai people. The biking was challenging on some days but not too difficult so it appeals to a wide variety of capabilities and there were opportunities for more experienced riders to put the hammer down.  One other footnote is that the camp food on the trip was anything but camp food and we truly enjoyed the variety and the quality of what was provided. Thanks for your recommendation and if I return to Africa I would most likely use Escape Adventures as the tour provider."

Megan Williams, USA
Kenya & Tanzania-2005

"This trip offers a unique opportunity to those who wish to see Africa from more than a bus window or a lodge balcony. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to bike, be outside, and camp. Mandy, John, and Nash, the trip leaders, are knowledgeable and personable. John’s family immigrated from Kenya to New Zealand, Nash is from a village North of Nairobi, and Mandy is an awesome cook–plying us with fresh biscotti and fruit on our bike breaks and cooking us pancakes in the morning to get us jump started. They have carefully researched routes and places to give the group a diverse experience of the landscapes and people in Kenya and Tanzania. A sample day best demonstrates this trip’s character. We began the day early–breaking camp from inside Amboseli National Park with a game drive where we saw the big five. We then drove for about 45 minutes out of the park to bike across dry Lake Amboseli which was so hot that mirages of water shimmered on either side of us. We ended the day at the base of a huge rock outcropping near a Masaai village that Escape Adventures has developed a relationship with over the years. That evening, we had a “colonial” dinner of wine, fresh cheeses, salads, and fruits, on the rock. With the sun setting in the distance over the savanna and the silhouettes of acacia trees and the occasional giraffe’s head, we lit a camp fire and spoke (via Nash, our translator) with two of the leaders of the Masaai village as a prelude to our visit to their actual homes the next day. As this stellar day should reveal, this trip offers a once in a life time opportunity to the person who wishes to learn more about the people, and not just the animals, in Africa. Two thumbs up!"

The Low-Down

Start: Nairobi in Kenya

Finish: Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (or reverse journey).

Group: You will join a fun bunch of 6-12 bikers from around the world. We strive to create a relaxed, fun and intimate group dynamic that feels like a group of friends on holiday.

Leaders: All of our cycle tours are led by two of our own wonderful New Zealand based Escape Adventures leaders, and our local interpreter. We pride ourselves on the calibre and resourcefulness of these great people who you will be spending your holiday with. Our leaders are all Emergency First Aid (PHEC) trained, passionate about biking, the outdoors, and focused on making sure you have a fun and safe adventure of a life-time.

Support: Our trusty support vehicle carries all your luggage, has lunch, snacks and water at hand, and is there if you need a break from the saddle.

The Biking

We ride 20-105km per day; a total distance of 540km spread over 12 days of biking. The terrain is mostly undulating and flat with some short rolling climbs. The riding surface is made up of 15% paved roads, 5% non-technical single track and 80% dirt roads which can at times be rough, pot-holed and dusty so a mountain bike with front suspension is the ideal bike. We have a fleet of our own mountain bikes available for hire. The trip is suited to riders with a good level of biking fitness. Off-road biking experience is necessary for the enjoyment of your trip.

Food & Accommodation

Your tour leaders will take care of your meals and snacks throughout your journey with us; this excludes one lunch and two evening meals which are at your own cost to give you the opportunity to explore local cuisine of your own choosing. We are most definitely able to cater for vegetarians and special diets. Typical meals include: Breakfasts - Fresh fruit, muesli, toast and spreads, cooked breakfast on occasions, hot drinks. Lunches - Picnic style lunches, fresh salads, cold meats, cheese & bread. Evening Meals - Good wholesome camp-cooked meals using as much local fresh produce as possible.

Accommodation includes four nights in local safari camps, lodges & guesthouses on a twin-share basis and 11 nights camping in spacious dome tents. (Upgrades to rooms are available at some campsites).

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam

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DAY 1:  Arrive Nairobi, pre-departure meeting and first dinner together. Safari Camp
DAY 2:  A gentle day getting used to bikes from the city out into the savannah. 25km. Camping
DAY 3:  A great day's biking in the real African savannah. 82km. Camping
DAY 4:  Cyclng to Amboseli National Park. 35kms + game drive. Camping
DAY 5:  Morning game drive, afternoon bike around the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro. 20km. Camping
DAY 6:  Visit our Maasai friends family. Cycle around lower slopes of Mt Kilimangaro. Cross the border into Tanzania and transfer by vehicle to Arusha City. 45km. Guesthouse
DAY 7:  Paved road ride out to the foot of the Rift Valley Escarpment. 105km. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 8:  All day game drive Ngorongoro Crater. Guesthouse
DAY 9:  Heading towards the coast, cycle through the wide open spaces of the Maasai Steppe. 20-40km. Riverside Camping
DAY 10:  Explore the Usambara Mountains. 45km. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 11:  Rest day OR optional hike, visit a local school or help with a local reforestation project. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 12:  Explore the smooth trails through rain forest and highland villages. 60km. Camping/Upgrades available
DAY 13:  Cycling towards the tropical coast through sleepy palm lined villages. 35km. Camping on our family's farm
DAY 14:  Ride into Saadani National Park. Game drive to our coastal campsite.  49km. Camping
DAY 15:  A morning game drive then back on our bikes through small fishing villages to the historical town of Bagamoyo. 47km. Coastal Lodge.
DAY 16:  Final breakfast together and a morning transfer to Dar es Salaam for those who are flying out. / enjoying the beach / onward travel.

Trip Price

US dollars $3,100 (Plus local payment* US$300)
Bike Hire if required US$250
Single Supplement if requested: US$350

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Prices include: transport, meals, accommodation and activities for the duration of the trip as per detailed itinerary.
Prices do NOT include: airfares, visas, airport taxes, optional activities and excursions, vaccinations, personal equipment and a couple of meals as per the detailed itinerary.

*Local payment is a part of your trip cost and is payable at the beginning of your trip to your tour leader at the pre-departure meeting on your arrival in Africa.

In Kenya & Tanzania

We have a fleet of 2013 Avanti Aggressors available for hire for your biking holiday in Kenya & Tanzania.  Avanti Aggressors are a New Zealand brand hard tail mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Alivio/Deore 27-speed components.  We have them available in S, M, L and XL and they are perfect for the off-road touring on our Kenya & Tanzania trip.  We carry all our spare parts out to Africa and maintain them ourselves to make sure they are in optimal riding condition for your ride with us.  We also have a couple of Avanti Forte's available in XS.